About Drac Technologies

   Drac Technologies have been in the electronic service industry for over thirty years. Our first network was installed for our own use in 1985 running Novell 3.1 on a desktop with five users. As business grew we soon moved to Windows NT with ten users. Many of our customers would ask if we would install computers or fix what they had. Soon we were installing computers and writing programs to automate daily operations. In 1991 we designed and installed our first complete network from the ground up, including wiring, computers and writing a custom software program that is still in use today. With the growing need to support company networks we developed our custom software support program called NetTech. NetTech brings a new level of un-surpassed support for managing customer networks. NetTech consists of various service level offerings that provide affordable proactive computer management and support. Utilizing our unique framework for providing managed computer services, Drac Technologies provides a range of proactive services designed to optimize your computer investment and maximize the production of your people and business.

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What our Customers Say

  "We have learned the hard way that to neglect the office computer network is a disaster waiting to happen. Drac Technologies has kept us up to date and the weekly "System crashes" have become a thing of the past".
Dr. Bill Foley


"Our previous computer support gave up! We were having daily connection issues and the computers were constantly locking up. Drac Technologies cleaned up the system and it is running better than I ever imagined."
John Avery


"I love the monthly status reports! No more guessing what was done to the computers. No one in the past has even come close to keeping the computers running as smooth as you do."
Bobbi Harmon